Striking it Rich

Mining new opportunities for a major oil and gas contractor.

A large manufacturing contractor that advises global oil and gas, energy, and mining companies on solutions for large infrastructure projects used Kizen's data cloud, Harmony, marketing platform, Symphony, and our operations platform, Rhythm, to streamline sales processes, track and nurture customer relationships, and gain real-time visibility into sales pipeline, unlocking greater value across the business.

“Part of the power of Kizen is the ability to continually update and refine our business development pursuits and contracted projects. I see a million different ways this is going to help our business.”

- Rio Franzman, COO of KC Harvey

Sales Oversight

Sealing all the cracks.

Before Kizen, salespeople manually tracked leads and sales activities in spreadsheets. Now, Kizen processes and tracks opportunities to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. When a new opportunity is created, deal value is automatically estimated within the platform based on inputs from the sales team and managers are notified.

Relationship Management

One place to nurture relationships.

Kizen enables reps to capture and share details about customer interactions over the life of the relationship. Unifying prospect, customer, and contact details to provide a single source to track and cultivate relationships. Managers now have visibility into the status of every relationship and can forecast more accurately.

Project Orchestration

A smooth operator.

Project execution requires significant resource planning and coordination across departments. Kizen eliminates tedious legwork and streamlines previously manual handoffs between teams, assimilating info about the won deal for sales, creating a new workflow for the field services team, and working with accounting to get the account set up properly.

Decision-Driving Insights

Real-time answers to every question.

“Kizen answers every question about our clients, revenue, and deals in the pipeline, providing greater transparency into open opportunities. The insights have helped me redefine, redevelop, and position the company to be competitive in the future marketplace.“ - COO


Operational efficiencies power new growth:

Kizen gives reps 10+ hours back each week to sell

Kizen projections inform critical financial decisions

Kizen offloads 40% of admin work across departments

How to Buy

Kizen is the fastest-deploying, most cost-effective enterprise sales acceleration platform on the planet.