Key benefits

CRM with CoPilot

  • HIPAA & SOC 2 Compliant
  • One-Click Integration with Enrollment Tools
  • Referrals and Online Review Generator
  • Digital Scope of Appointment Form
  • Marketing Automation


Kizen’s Copilot is an all-in-one brokerage AI assistant with core skills that will streamline your business in:

  • Commissions

    95% less time required to process commissions

  • Contacting

    74% less time required to license

  • Marketing

    30% increase in contracts secured



Kizen’s first-of-its-kind portal provides real time data to your downline agents and agencies. It empowers you to create a single place where your partners can access the most critical elements of their businesses to operate more efficiently.

Easily see:

  • Production Data
  • Commission Data
  • Ready-to-Sell Data
  • Pending Contract Request Statuses


Stop struggling with inconsistent formats and reports from all the carriers you work with. Kizen provides three distinct API products that transform and standardize data from over 150 health and life carriers. Kizen’s APIs can easily feed into any system you currently use today.

  • Production API
  • Commission API
  • Ready-to-Sell API