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Advanced Data Filtering and Segmentation

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Advanced Segmentation

Create complex segments with an unlimited number of filters through a visual, no-code interface.

Cross-Object Queries

Conduct queries across related data sets/objects, functionality that’s historically been restricted to data professionals, without code.

Dynamically-Updated Lists

Save filter combinations using a simple interface, creating dynamic groups that auto-update with matching records.

Filter Groups

Easily share & save filters with team members.

Never Write an SQL Query Again

Use over 300 types of nested filters to combine different criteria in an AND/OR fashion without writing any code.

Real-Time Segmentation

Combine unlimited filters like contact attributes, company attributes, custom fields, purchase history, website interactions, and more through a visual interface to segment audiences in real-time.

Automated and Streamlined Workflows

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Automated Alerts and Notifications

Set up automated alerts and notifications using a visual interface, keeping stakeholders updated on data changes or anomalies.

Cross-Object Creation

Associate data objects with one another using relationships, passing relevant data between automations, workflows, records, reporting, and other account-wide functionality without the need for coding.

Custom Workflow Creation

Digitize virtually any business process using drag-and-drop builders, automating complex processes without writing any code.

Scheduling and Automation

Schedule tasks and create automation rules through an intuitive, no-code interface.

Collaborative Notebooks and Reporting

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Dynamic Reporting

Create and customize reports without code.

Interactive Dashboards

Develop interactive dashboards using drag-and-drop builders, no coding required.

Real-Time Analytics

Visualize and understand real-time data using the above no-code dashboards and reports.

Scheduled Custom Reports

Schedule reports to be generated and shared at specified intervals without writing any code.

Comprehensive Data Management

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Data Cleansing Tools

Use visual interfaces to access, clean, and prep your data, no coding required.

Data Transformation Tools

Transform data to fit your needs using visual, no-code tools.

Maintains Data Consistency

Ensure data accuracy and consistency using visual tools that fully integrate your data across all of Kizen’s software.

Provides Secure Storage and Retrieval of Data

Secure your data using user-friendly settings and permissions interfaces, no need for complex security coding.

Supports Large-Scale Data from Diverse Sources

Integrate and handle large amounts of data from any team or technology across all of your enterprise.

Timeline Roll-Up

Control how data flows between activity timelines of related objects.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

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Audit Logs

Maintain logs of all user activities for audit purposes to remain HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 compliant.

Ownership Tracking

Track who owns any task, request, customer, or account through a user-friendly interface.

Record Timelines

View a shared historical record of all notes, changes, website behavior, brand interactions, campaign interaction, activities, and more for any data you’re tracking within your Kizen account.

Flexible Data Functionality and Customization

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360-Degree Profiles

Create comprehensive contact profiles with all historical data from their very first interaction with your brand and over the course of their entire account lifecycle.

Cross-Object Creation

Associate data objects with one another using relationships, passing relevant data between automations, workflows, records, reporting, and other account-wide functionality without the need for coding.

Custom Fields and Objects

Create, arrange, and manage custom fields and objects quickly using a visual, no-code interface.

Custom Relationships

Associate data objects with one another using relationships, passing relevant data between automations, workflows, records, reporting, and other account-wide functionality without the need for coding.

Fully Customizable Records

Customize the layout and data structure of individual record types and data objects without writing any code.

Integrated Data Visualizations

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Interactive Visualizations

Create interactive data visualizations for real-time reporting & BI using drag-and-drop dashboard builders.

Supports Multiple Visualization Types

Choose from a variety of charts and visualization options to present your data.

Intuitive External Integrations

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External HTTP Requests

Set up custom HTTP requests (i.e. PUT, POST, PATCH, and GET), interacting seamlessly with external data or systems.

Integration with Major Third-Party Tools

Connect and sync with any other technology in your enterprise’s tech stack.


Reference a well-documented, RESTful API to connect any technology you want to integrate via API.

Data Enrichment from Online Sources

Enrich contact, account, and custom object details with online data.

ML and AI Integration

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Automated Machine Learning

Leverage ML algorithms to generate insights from your data - zero coding required.

Integrated AI Capabilities

Kizen’s predictive & generative AI technology helps analyze data, provide insights, and even deploy solutions - all automatically without any custom development.

Productivity and Efficiency Tools

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1-Click Data Export

Export data to CSV with a single click, no coding required.

Drag-and-Drop Builders

Use drag-and-drop builders to create, edit, and manage data and workflows.

Search and Query Tools

Use search and query tools to find exactly what you need without needing to write SQL or any other code.

Real-Time Data Updates and Accessibility

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Data Always Up-to-Date

Ensure your data is always current through real-time updates across all teams and technologies in your enterprise.

Modify Related Objects

Change data object fields and relationships using a visual interface.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Set up real-time updates and notifications using Kizen’s user-friendly interface.

Relational Database Management

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Avoid Table Locking

Custom-built modified EAV data models ensure performance at scale and no lag.

Built-In Data Integrity Constraints

Establish data integrity constraints such as primary key and foreign key relationships without writing SQL or code.

No-Code Relational Database

Create and manage relationships among data elements through a visual interface, no SQL or coding required.

SQL-Free Queries

Query and manipulate data through a visual interface with intelligent query planning, no SQL coding needed.

Robust Permission Control

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Complete Access Control

Use a drag-and-drop sliding scale to easily control who can access your account’s individual data objects, fields, functionality, and more.

Field-Level Permissions

Manage who can access and edit data within objects at a field level through a no-code interface.

Object-Level Permissions

Control access of individual data objects and records based on ownership.

Secure Portal Access

Use Kizen to deploy employee or customer portals that are powered by your account’s data & functionality. Use these portals to provide a centralized, narrow view for internal & external stakeholders, customize content & landing pages, and more.

Scalability and Compliance

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Big-Data Ready

Manage large volumes of data efficiently with visual, no-code tools.

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Choose the deployment option that best fits your needs and compliance requirements.

Full Sandbox Environment

Test and customize in separate environments without compromising live environments upon request.

Support for Major Compliance Standards

Meet compliance standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA.

Versatile Data Fields and Types

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20 Field Types

Create and manage over 20 types of fields across all default and custom objects.

Custom Fields and Objects

Define custom fields and objects without writing any code.

File Fields

Create fields that allow employees or clients to easily upload files for your organization.

Fully Customizable Records

Customize the layout and data structure of all data objects and record types without writing any code.

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