Changing the Tune

Kizen Strikes a Cord for Music Academy.

Arts & Minds Academy provides in-home and online music lessons for children of all ages. Their “outside-the-box” approach to music education helps kids ignite their passion for music and unleash their inner artist through an involved and highly specialized teacher-student matching program.

At a glance

  • 30+

    music teachers

  • 200+


  • 800+

    lessons per month

  • “Worth its weight in gold! We were drowning in manual tasks. Now, Kizen can do nearly everything for us, so we can focus on other things. It tracks our students and moves them through the process, so we always know where they are and what is needed.”

  • David Loebsack

Kizen manages almost all aspects of teacher-student matching and communication, allowing the team to focus on ensuring optimal lesson experiences.

Streamlined Onboarding

Starting on a high note

Kizen lends a hand to new student onboarding from the moment website form is submitted through the first lesson. Kizen coordinates a discovery call between the guardian and the Arts & Minds team, reminding them what to do so nothing gets missed.

Accelerated Matching

In perfect harmony

Arts & Minds’ proprietary matching process takes a variety of factors into account including the student’s age, desired instrument, skill level, genre and preferred lesson location. The academy uses Kizen's advanced filters to accelerate the process, quickly identifying the ideal teacher based on student requirements.

Intelligent Hiring

All the bells and whistles

Kizen also coordinates the hiring process. When new teachers apply, Kizen tracks and manages each stage of the interview process, notifying the central office team as they progress. If Arts & Minds wants to extend an offer, automatic reminders and integrations allow them to ensure employment contracts are successfully completed.


Kizen fine-tunes performance

  • Over 75 free trial lessons completed

  • 82% of free lessons convert to students

  • Kizen saved 60% of time in the matching process

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