Break Every Past Operational Performance Record

Surpass one target KPI after another using a new generation of technology.

Deploy Rapidly and EnjoyOperational Agility

Centralize all your enterprise’s data & deploy AI in months rather than years.

Centralize all your enterprise’s data & deploy AI in months rather than years. The only enterprise software in the world that centralizes data across all departments, enables predictive modeling & generative AI, AND deploys within 3-12 weeks.

Streamline expenses just as much as workflows.

Kizen is the only software that deploys in a fraction of the time, centralizes & unifies data, and intelligently assists with predictive & generative automation all in a single technology - giving you the option of canceling multiple enterprise software contracts.

Make the “one-screen dream” a reality.

Every team in your enterprise can match their Kizen interface perfectly to their workflows, eliminating productivity and revenue loss from switching between applications.

Additionally, with all of your organization’s data, automation, and AI in one place, Kizen eliminates the need for technical knowledge across more than one software  pplication.

Eliminate months-long development bottlenecks with “citizen developers.”

Grant anyone in your organization the ability to build, modify, or automate any process without code using Kizen’s drag & drop builders. Deploy workflows & automations in minutes instead of months - while remaining fully compliant.

Enter a New Era ofOperational Efficiency

Real-time business intelligence across the entire organization.

Get visibility into every workflow or technology across the organization. Use Kizen’s pre-built operations dashboards based on best practices, or build your own in seconds to digest any critical data within your organization quickly & easily.

Prevent undesirable outcomes & underperformance before they occur.

Leverage predictive modeling to avoid disruptions to productivity, customer experience, and anything else that might negatively impact operational efficiency and revenue.

Generative AI that assists you & your team around the clock.

No human can pore over data & workflows 24/7, but Kizen can. Our software identifies repetitive manual processes on your behalf, suggests, and deploys automations to improve efficiency and automate increasingly complex tasks as it gets to know your business.

Automate advanced workflows across multiple teams & departments.

Never experience another botched handoff, dropped ball, or delay caused by something falling through the cracks between teams or departments again.

Kizen connects every team and technology in your enterprise to make everyone stronger and more efficient - not just operations.

Record-Breaking Performance,Organization-Wide

Set new customer satisfaction, customer retention, and operational efficiency records.

Track revenue growth, gross & operating profit margins, employee productivity, order processing time, and even operational cost per unit in real time.

Kizen’s built-in calculation engine makes automated tracking for any operational KPI easy, whether they’re industry-standard or custom performance metrics.

Track & forecast revenue as it happens and make “game time” adjustments.

Revenue generation efforts have never been easier to automatically calculate and forecast: From CPL, CAC, and ROAS to sales velocity, cost per opportunity, and close rate.

Calculate every meaningful RevGen KPI using Kizen’s dashboards and give yourself the opportunity to adjust mid-quarter if you’re not on track.

Understand all of your HR strengths & opportunities.

Keep a constant pulse on your enterprise’s HR performance by using Kizen to automate the calculation and tracking of key metrics like time-to-hire, cost per hire, employee retention, employee satisfaction, labor utilization, and more.

Operate confidently with automated financial tracking & alerts.

Know where your enterprise’s financial performance stands at all times. Kizen can automatically calculate and present real-time total revenue, accounts receivable & payable, labor utilization, burn multiple, and more across any date range to be quickly digested as often as you’d like.

All Features

Automation and Workflow Management

Expand for All Automation and Workflow Management Features

Assign, Track, & Automate Tasks

Assign tasks to team members, monitor progress, automate routine tasks, and set team and/or manager alerts for overdue tasks.

Auto-Complete Activities

Automatically mark activities as complete once predefined conditions are met.

Cross-Object Creation

Easily define relationships among default and custom data objects.

Cross-Object Sync

Keep related data objects synchronized.

Customizable Processes

Tailor business processes to your organization's specific needs using drag & drop visual builders.

Manage & Automate Any Process or Workflow

Handle and streamline all types of business processes through automation.

Mathematical Calculations

Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or any combination of these mathematical operators automatically for any field or data object within your Kizen account.

Priority Scoring

Rank tasks based on their importance or urgency using color-coding with Kizen’s status fields.

Process Automation

Enable automatic execution of routine tasks to increase efficiency.

Role-Based Assignment

Assign tasks based on the roles of team members.

Schedule Activities

Plan and arrange activities for future execution.

Scheduled Activities Dashlet

View and manage all scheduled activities in a compact dashlet.

Task Assignments

Delegate tasks to specific team members or roles.

Task Routing

Direct tasks to appropriate individuals or teams based on predefined rules.

Unify Everything

Consolidate all tasks, data, and processes from all departments and technologies in your enterprise into one comprehensive system.

Collaboration and Communication

Expand for All Collaboration and Communication Features

Email and Text Notifications

Send updates and reminders via email and text messages.


Assign ownership of data records and processes to specific users or roles.

Supercharge Collaboration

Facilitate enhanced collaboration between team members, including cross-department automations.

Tag Collaborators

Easily tag and involve specific individuals or teams in a task or project for streamlined collaboration and communication.

Team Member Association

Link team members to specific tasks, projects, or records.

Compliance and Audit

Expand for All Compliance and Audit Features

Audit Logs

Maintain logs of all user activities for audit purposes to remain HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 compliant.

Govern With Complete Control

Easily define permissions for all data and Kizen functionality using a drag & drop visual interface.

Data Management

Expand for All Data Management Features

20 Field Types

All field types you need for creating comprehensive records, forms, and surveys.

360-Degree Profiles

Provide comprehensive views of customers, employees, or other profiles.

Access Insights in Real Time

Provide real-time access to business insights for quick decision-making.

Account-Based Reporting

Generate reports based on individual accounts for detailed analysis.

Activity Reporting

Generate reports on activities to monitor performance.

Activity Trends

Monitor and analyze trends in activities over time.

Dashlet Filters

Apply filters to dashlets within dashboards for highly-customized views.

Pipeline Conversion Rates

Setup summarized reporting for any pipeline to quickly see the percentage of records that reached each stage.

Fully Customizable Records

Allow customization of data records to match your specific workflows and business needs.

Performance Summaries

See who your top achievers are in different areas to reward outstanding performance

Real-Time Segmentation

Segment data in real-time based on predefined conditions or criteria.

Timeline Roll-Up

A chronological record of activities and events related to a specific entity or record.

Unify Data

Centralize all critical business data for easy access and analysis.

Work Smarter

Use analytics and automation to improve efficiency and productivity.


Expand for All Deployment Features

Big-Data Ready

Kizen is specifically designed to handle large volumes of data and complex operations.

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Cloud and on-premise deployment options available.

Full Sandbox

Kizen offers the ability to deploy replica environments for testing and development.

Scale to Any Size Team

Kizen scales smoothly as the team or business grows.

Form and Survey Management

Expand for All Form and Survey Management Features

Automatic Notifications

Send notifications automatically based on specific triggers or conditions related to forms or surveys.

Collect Feedback with Smart Surveys

Gather user feedback through intuitive and interactive surveys.

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Easily create forms using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Drag-and-Drop Survey Builder

Create surveys easily using a drag-and-drop interface.

Embed Forms

Allow forms to be embedded on websites or platforms outside the software.

File Fields

Allow file uploads within forms.

Hosted Forms

Link directly to the Kizen-hosted form without embedding it on a webpage you own or control.

Quick Build Personalized Portals

Create personalized portals for users, patients, or employees quickly and easily.

Secure Portals

Portals are secure and compliant to protect sensitive information.

Survey Request Emails

Send survey requests via email.

20 Field Types

Provide a variety of field types for creating comprehensive forms and surveys.

Intelligent Submission Routing

Route form or survey submissions to the right people or teams based on predefined rules.

Integration and Compatibility

Expand for All Integration and Compatibility Features

External HTTP Requests

Allow the software to make HTTP requests to external services.

GSuite Email Integration

Integrate with GSuite Email for seamless communication.

Keep Work Connected Across Different Sources

Ensure smooth data flow across different data sources or systems.

Restful API

Use a Restful API for easy integration with other software or services.

Workato Connector

Connect to the Workato automation platform to extend the software's capabilities.

Zapier Connector

Use the Zapier connector to link the software with thousands of other apps.

Reporting and Analytics

Expand for All Reporting and Analytics Features

Access Insights in Real Time

Real-time access to business insights for quick decision-making.

Comparative Analysis

Enable comparison of different data sets for deeper insights.

Customizable Reports

Create custom reports based on your unique needs using any data imported to or stored within your Kizen account.

Predictive Analytics

Use historical data and machine learning to make predictions about future trends.

Visual Dashboards

Review any data visually for easy interpretation and analysis.

Scalability and Performance

Expand for All Scalability and Performance Features

High-Performance Processing

Kizen was specifically engineered to handle high-volume data processing efficiently.

Performance Monitoring

We constantly monitor your software's performance and identify any issues.

Scale to Any Size Team

Kizen scales smoothly as your team or business grows.

Security and Compliance

Expand for All Security and Compliance Features

Audit Logs

Maintain logs of all user activities for audit purposes to remain HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 compliant.

Complete Access Control

Regulate who has access to all data, tools, or areas within your account.

Custom Permission Groups

Create customized groups with specific access permissions for the different internal and external roles in your organization.

Field-Level Permissions

Control who can view or edit individual fields within a record.

Multiple User Roles

Define different user roles with varying access levels and permissions..

Object-Level Permissions

Control access of individual data objects and records based on ownership.

Page-Level Permissions

Set permissions to control who can view or edit certain pages.

Service Management

Expand for All Service Management Features

Complete Access Control

Regulate who has access to all data, tools, and areas of your account.

Intelligent Submission Routing

Route form or survey submissions to the appropriate parties based on predefined rules.

Manage Internal & External Requests Securely

Handle requests from within and outside the organization while ensuring security.

Scheduled Activities Dashlet

View and manage all scheduled activities in a compact, easy-to-reference dashlet on any dashboard.

Secure Portal

Kizen portals are 100% secure and compliant with any regulations that govern your industry to protect sensitive information.

Task and Project Management

Expand for All Task and Project Management Features

Assign, Track, & Automate Tasks

Assign tasks to team members, monitor progress, and automate routine tasks.

Auto-Complete Activities

Automatically mark activities as complete once predefined conditions are met.

Fully Customizable Activities

Tailor activity attributes to match your unique business’s requirements.

Schedule Activities

Plan and arrange activities for future execution.

Task Assignments

Delegate tasks to specific team members or roles.

User Interface and Experience

Expand for All User Interface and Experience Features

Customizable Dashboards

Customize dashboards based on your unique workflows, preferences, or needs.

Customizable Pipeline View

Build custom Kanban-like pipelines to suit your teams’ needs.

Interactive Table View

Editing data within Kizen is just like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If you can build a spreadsheet, you’re ready to start working within Kizen.


A chronological log of events and activities with your brand or employees.

Work From Any Device

Kizen is accessible and fully responsive on all computers, tablets, and smartphone web browsers.

What process do you want to build & automate with Kizen?