Securely Grant ANY Stakeholder Partial Access to Your Data Without Risk

Customers, contractors, partners, or employees - easily govern permissions for every field and function across all of your organization’s data.

Harmony Portals: 20-Second Summary

A Portal Into All Your Data

Your whole organization’s universal access point for viewing & editing data without security or compliance risks.

Same Login, Different Views

Every stakeholder logs into the same portal but only sees the data & functionality they need for their role.

One Portal, All Your Apps

Use SSO for any other applications, customizing a unique view for each role with 1-click access to the tools & apps they need.

Data Governance, Simplified

Visual toggles for every data object and field allow you to hand off permissioning & governance to any employee.

Secure & Fully Compliant

Nobody can access data you don’t grant them permissions to in Kizen’s HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001-compliant portals.

Universal Collaboration

Assign tasks, share historical timelines, and tag collaborators for unprecedented teamwork across all of your technology.

Embrace User-Generated Data

Accelerate ML initiatives by allowing user-input data that’s properly structured for any model you’re developing.

Do More With Generative AI

AI is only as capable as the data that powers it. Improve all generative AI initiatives with high-quality data, faster.

Sharpen Predictive Models

Any predictive initiatives will provide more helpful, accurate insights faster when connected to Harmony Portals.

All Your Tech in One Place

Any data not imported into your portal can be quickly accessed by any team member who needs it via SSO.

Leading ETL Functionality

Wherever you need to push data to or pull data from - it will always be structured correctly for its destination.

Transfer Data Anywhere

The friendliest tool in your stack. Connect using 1-click integrations, our RESTful API, connectors, & more.

“AI is not a silver bullet. Significant bottlenecks, especially relating to data accessibility and talent, will need to be overcome…”

- McKinsey & Company, “Navigating a World of Disruption”

The World’s Most Accessible Single Source of Truth

Risk-free, secure, shared access to your SSOT.

From sales to service, contractors to partners: Easily create access levels for each role that make sense. Everyone gets just the info they need - no more.

Distributed Administration & Support

A faster, more satisfying self-serve experience.

Reduce admin fuss and boost self-service. Everyone’s happier when they can help themselves, and you benefit from the cost savings & productivity boost.

Go Live in 45 Days or Less

While Enjoying Dramatically Reduced Development Costs.

Cut dev costs big time and achieve value faster than ever when you no longer need to develop & maintain integrations for each app individually.

Centralized Access to Your Entire Tech Stack

One login to rule them all. Access every technology with a single click.

“Today, the data-sharing revolution is making it possible for organizations to access more data, more securely… [but] reaching this potential requires managing data differently-this time adding innovative technologies and techniques that free information assets from traditional privacy and security restrictions”

- Deloitte, “Data-Sharing Made Easy”

Don’t just take our word for it:
hear from real Kizen customers.

“Part of the power of Kizen is the ability to continually update and refine our business development pursuits and contracted projects. I see a million different ways this is going to help our business.”

Rio Franzman, COO and Director of Business Development, KC Harvey

“I was tired of piecing together several mediocre software solutions to tackle my marketing and sales initiatives. Kizen gave me an "all-in-one" solution that allowed me to collect, store, and take informed action on my data. I've experienced huge time savings and an increase in company revenue.”

G2 Review

“Kizen's automations have helped me save 10-15 hours of my time weekly by putting administrative and operational tasks on autopilot. More importantly, this functionality has allowed me to create dynamic customer experiences at every stage of my B2B funnels increasing my bottom line.”

G2 Review

“We went from using multiple systems with disorganized client data to a streamlined workflow. Now we let Kizen worry about the small stuff so we can focus on growing sales.”

Ali Elyasi, VP of Sales, Werqwise

“I wanted a system that was simple enough people would actually use and would support our company’s growth. With Kizen, it’s seamless to deliver data, build automations, and keep prospects in the pipeline. We immediately started seeing benefits.”

Joe Etheredge, CEO, MaxTrans

“Kizen is a game-changer. She frees our coordinators from sourcing participants to serving patients. Kizen has truly fast-tracked our ability to bring life-changing treatments to those who need them most.”

Dr. Paul Winner, Sr. Director, Attending Neurologist, Premiere Research Institute

“Kizen is among the best CRM products that you can find in the market since it allows me to save my information in various formats. The product is superb when compared to other software in asset management since it is very fast and easy to use.”

G2 Review