Unify and Leverage All Your Data

Access to data = new insights. New insights = added profit.

Integrate your data to skyrocket your growth. Kizen Data Platform seamlessly integrates all your customer, product, financial, and people data easily and affordably, providing a springboard to fuel Intelligent Automation, AI and Machine Learning.

Kizen Data Platform Solves Major Problems

  • $5.4T

    Annual Profits Lost

  • 6.2B

    Hours Wasted Annually

  • 90%

    Decrease in Costs*

Connect All Your Data Intelligently to Fuel Growth


Unlock Your Team’s Potential with Kizen’s Data Platform

Your organization’s data should take you further, not hold you back. Harness 100% of your data for the first time in history.

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

Built to handle Fortune 100 quantity and complexity, Kizen grows with you.

Kizen is the friendliest member of your technology stack, offering a powerful asynchronous distributed system that handles even the heaviest jobs, and automatically scales up servers as demand increases.

Easily Connect to Over 1,000 Popular Apps

Real time, all the time. Sync data from every app.

Keep work connected across all your existing 3rd party tools. Use Kizen’s native one-click integrations, RESTful API, and Workato or Zapier connectors to easily integrate all your data.

Best-in-class Security and Compliance

Built for the most sensitive, regulated industries.

Cloud agnostic and on-prem capable, Kizen stores your data securely with best in class data encryption for your sensitive information. Get customizable control of access and permissions, and improve your ability to meet regulatory compliance standards, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR & CCPA.

Supercharge Collaboration

Teamwork really does make the dream work.

From activity records and timelines to real-time customer and cost information, now every team member can access what they need, when they need it, in one centralized platform, no matter what apps they use.

Democratize Data

Empower employees to achieve new heights.

Give your teams the ability to help themselves. Get a platform that allows any user to easily and independently query and summarize any data set without coding.

Activate Data Effortlessly

Add external solutions or easily use Kizen’s native products.

Activate your data using Kizen Sales CRM, Operations Cloud and Marketing Automation solutions. Or, use your favorite 3rd party enterprise and custom-built apps. The possibilities are endless.

Unlock your team’s full potential

Why Over 400k Users Have Chosen Kizen

  • Data Organization

    The easiest, fastest way to unify all company-wide data at any scale as your teams grow.

  • Manage Permissions

    A robust permission model ensures everyone accesses what they should.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate with 1k+ applications and build custom functionality as needed, code-free.

Kizen at Work

Discover all the ways Kizen helps supercharge productivity and accelerate profitable growth.

Easiest. Onboarding. Ever.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Built for You

    Kizen gets to know your business personally and builds an account for your unique needs.

  • Customer Testing

    Use the platform to ensure all processes are working as intended.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real data is migrated and all users are granted access.

No Hidden Costs

Get started with the most cost-effective sales acceleration platform on the planet.
We’ve got flexible pricing options for every-sized business.

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  • Features

    Our robust feature list guarantees a solution to nearly every business need.

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