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Faster. Better. Easier. Zoe changes everything.

With Zoe Assistant by your side, everything is faster, better, and easier. Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience teams are using Zoe’s intelligent automations to save thousands of hours every month and delivering better customer experiences. They’re also using Zoe’s machine learning functionality to more intelligently engage at each step of the customer journey. See how Zoe can help your team and learn why many are calling Zoe “their favorite” and “the single highest ROI technology ever deployed.”

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Kizen Zoe Assistant
Kizen Personalization Engine

Cross-Channel Personalization

Engage everyone as if they’re your only customer.

Engage intelligently and automatically across email, text, chat, ads, websites, sales teams, and support teams. Use a visual builder to easily build out journeys for each of your segments.

Intelligent Nudging

The next step beyond personalized automation.

Combine context, content, and channel through an intelligent engagement algorithm to use all journey data and nudge customers towards the next step in the journey.

Kizen Intelligent Nudging
Kizen Customer Modeling

Customer Modeling

Find more of your best customers.

Leverage customer modeling to discover behavioral and demographic commonalities in your best customers. Go beyond simple attribution modeling and leverage advanced, multi-factorial contribution modeling to better understand the holistic effect of all marketing efforts.

Funnel Modeling

Determine where to focus to maximize revenues.

Marketing funnels today are complex. Funnel modeling helps your team understand where they should focus and which actions should be taken on a per stage basis to maximize ROI. Answer questions including, which marketing programs does it make sense to double down on and which marketing programs should be “scaled back.

Kizen Funnel Modeling
Kizen Sales Automations

Intelligent Sales Automations

Let Zoe handle the easy stuff.

With legacy vendors, sales teams spend over 70% of their time not selling. With Zoe, sales teams can spend 90%+ of their time on the most important stuff by letting Zoe handle lead routing, lead nurturing, scheduling, proposal and contract generation, and more.

Automatic Data Enrichment

Let Zoe do the research.

Your sales team shouldn’t be spending time doing data entry. Zoe can automatically create a holistic profile and source the most important data on all contacts and companies in seconds - saving your sales team over 30 days per year.

Kizen Automatic Data Enrichment
Kizen Recommendations

Recommended Actions

What should you do today to maximize sales?

Zoe can give your sales team recommendations to help maximize the likelihood of closing each deal and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Early beta testing indicate Zoe’s recommendations can help teams increase close rates by 20-50%.

Intelligent Prospect Targeting

Who should you target next?

Intelligent Prospect Targeting helps companies prioritize potential customers to maximize the ROI of business development and sales teams. IPT uses machine learning to detect trends in your best customers on demographic, firmographic, geographic, and behavioral levels.

Kizen Prospect Targeting
Kizen Predictive Lead Scores

Predictive Lead Scores

Spend time on the best deals.

Less than 2% of leads are converted by the average sales team. Help your sales team close more deals by helping them focus on the leads most likely to close. To develop scores, Zoe compares each inbound lead’s attributes and engagements to past buyer data.

Predictive Sales Forecasts

How much will we really close this quarter?

It’s essential for businesses to have accurate sales forecasts. Kizen’s platform includes advanced forecasting for your team and Zoe takes things further to create her own forecast for each deal based on historical data and real-time engagement data on each deal.

Kizen Predictive Sales Forecasts
Kizen Automatic Onboarding

Automate Onboarding

Perfect Onboarding.

Cut the required time to onboard by 50-90% with intelligent automations that empower your team to work on the highest-value parts of the experience. Ensure every customer has an amazing, personalized onboarding experience.

Answer Support Questions Automatically

Let Zoe handle the routine questions.

Zoe can analyze chat history to intelligently suggest solutions or even talk back and forth with customers. Early testing shows that Zoe can cut questions to representatives by 50-70%.

Kizen Texting
Kizen Recommendations

Intelligent Next-Step Recommendations

Help every customer achieve their goals and dreams.

Use behavior modeling to understand where a customer is in their journey and recommend the best next step - whether that’s purchasing an additional product or using their existing product in a more powerful way.

Churn Modeling & Prevention Technology.

Prevent churn.

Detect customers with the highest likelihood to churn, alert the team, and trigger actions to keep your customers.

Kizen Churn Prevention
Kizen Automations

Process Automations

Automate entire processes.

With Zoe’s powerful automation engine teams, success and support teams can automate entire processes - triggering personalized emails, texts, or team reach-outs at the exact time in the customer experience they’re needed.

All the Data

Data is Zoe’s fuel.

Zoe can only be as smart as the data she has access to. Kizen’s Customer Data Platform and Integrations Engine has been purpose-built to enable Zoe’s access to all first party customer data and enrich with third-party data. Combining buyer journey (sales and marketing), purchase/cost, and customer experience data is what enables Zoe’s advanced machine learning and conversational AI.

Kizen’s data collection
Kizen Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Automate complex workflows.

Zoe has the most advanced automation engine ever built at her core. This seamlessly ties into every part of the customer experience and can easily be customized to handle complex conditions and use-cases without ever writing a line of code.

Machine Learning beta

Understand the past. Predict the future.

Zoe’s machine learning algorithms process data to test and create a model that can help predict future outcomes. Applying ML takes out the guesswork and produces fast, reliable data that becomes even more predictive over time.

Kizen Machine Learning
Kizen AI

Conversational AI beta

Zoe understands and responds intelligently.

Zoe’s natural language processing and conversational AI functionality enables her to speak directly with customers via email, chat, and text. This gives businesses a path to delivering consistently amazing experiences 24/7/365, while saving on costs.

Kizen Data Scientists & AI Experts

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