Zoe AI

This Changes Everything.

AI will be the single highest ROI technology ever deployed, and real applications of AI for business are here. Learn more below about incoming AI and how to leverage it for your business. Please contact our team if you’d like to discuss further or learn how to add Zoe to your team.

Path to AI

Data is the fuel for AI.

AI will only be as smart as the data it has access to. Kizen has been built from the beginning to give companies an easy way to unify and organize all data from sales, marketing, purchases, and the customer experience.

Future-Ready Architecture

Kizen is Built For AI

Unlike competitors looking to “bolt-on” AI to a decade old platform - every step in Kizen’s development is built to deliver revenue-driving and industry-shaping AI. Kizen is the only provider with every foundational element needed for AI built from scratch by a single team.

Types Of AI In Kizen’s Personalization Engine

Optimization AI

Optimize For Higher Revenues

Go beyond A-B or A-F split testing with a testing engine that runs itself, notifying you of the best performing campaign. Give Zoe your different ideas and have her run tests for you. Test anything, including content, channels, campaigns, and more.

Industry-Shaping AI

The Ultimate Optimization

The secret to Netflix and Amazon isn’t combining just revenue and customer data – it’s adding customer satisfaction data. Optimizing for where these intersect enables model-based businesses that create higher revenues and happier customers.

Conversational AI

Chat With Zoe

Customers want businesses that anticipate their needs and deliver personalized experiences available 24/7/365. Conversational AI with Zoe gives businesses a path to delivering consistently amazing experiences, while saving on costs.

Behavior Modelling

Understand the past.
Predict the future.

Behavior modeling identifies patterns among groups of customers with similar attributes and actions. This advanced analysis can surface insights about current customers, and help predict actions and desires of future customers.