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Research & Qualify Leads

Quickly enrich an inbound lead with information from 3rd party sources.

Automated Nurture

Put nurture sequences on autopilot with perfectly timed emails and offers until a prospect is ready to engage.

Smart Calculations
Advance | Close | Upsell

Teach Kizen how you estimate deal values and calculate quotes, and it’ll do the math for you.

Seamless Team Transitions
Advance | Close | Upsell

Eliminate dropped balls in sales to customer success handoffs, ensuring happy customers from the start.

Automated Quotes & Proposals
Close | Upsell

Use record data to immediately generate quotes and proposals with information already entered into the platform.

Complete Customer History
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Kizen records every interaction across all channels - web, email, phone, and more - so you can take action on anything.

Real-Time Systems Sync
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Change management is easy with two-way syncing across existing systems. Access better reports and use Kizen’s skills with ease.

Intelligent Lead Routing

Quickly match the prospect with the most appropriate team member.

Intelligent Prioritization
Qualify | Advance | Close

Score and rank leads throughout the sales process, helping reps focus on the deals most likely to close.

Next Best Action Recommendations
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Schedule the statistically best meetings and automate follow-up emails after each stage of the sales cycle.

Intelligent Reminders
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Let Kizen remind your team when they’re needed with metrics-driven follow-up cadences.

Manager Assist
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Sales operations best-practices are meant to be followed. Slipped activity alerts let you step in when needed.

Predictive Upsell

Kizen identifies customers looking to grow their relationship, preparing customized offers and recommendations.

Real-time KPI Reports & Activity Trends
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

Measure real-time team performance, without time-consuming data pulls, pipeline reviews, and spreadsheets.

Forecasting & Funnel Analysis
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

See real-time forecasts by team or individual sales rep with leaderboards, total pipeline projections, and more.

Advanced ROI Analysis
Advance | Close | Upsell

Gain insights into your marketing spend to leverage your best-performing channels and activities.

Big Data Analytics
Qualify | Advance | Close | Upsell

No more waiting minutes for slow applications. Kizen can analyze millions of data points in seconds.

Smart Surveys
Advance | Close | Upsell

Get a pulse on customer engagement, from NPS to complex questionnaires.

Early Churn Detection

Detect customers at risk of churn and escalate to reps for appropriate actions.

Straightforward Pricing

No hidden costs

Even pricing is easier with Kizen – get access to everything you need for one price. To make the decision easier and save you from legacy providers, we’re taking all of the risk with our industry-leading 100% 90-day money back guarantee.

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